Our Story

Installing a Mural

You could say it’s in the blood. Scott is a 2nd generation Painter and Decorator.

As a young boy he would go to work with his Dad on weekends and school holidays. The older Scott became the more involve he became on the job. From laying down drop sheets, sanding walls and making coffee runs to Tim Hortons. Scott was on his way to becoming a Craftsman.

Through High School and College Scott continued to hone his trade and decided to take on wallpapering. Scott loves the challenge of installing wallpaper and has worked hard to all he can about wallpaper. This hard work has paid off and Scott has become one of the top wallpaper installers in Southern Ontario.

With his team of dedicated Painters Scott has built the premier Residential Painting and Wallpapering Companies in Southern Ontario.

Scott attending Sherwin Williams networking event at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland